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Charles Parks

Sea Anemone Monterrey Aquarium Posing - San Simeon Baby Elephant Seals Bay Watch - San Simeon Adolescent Elephant Seals Seranade - San Simeon Elephant Seals
Anemone  Posing Bay Watch Seranade
Twilight - Sanpipers Newport Beach, Ca. Manta Ray - Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico Shark Jelly Fish ref from NOAA
Sandpipers Twilight Manta Ray Shark Jelly Fish
Baby Elephant seal, minimal. (Weiner) Baby Elephant Seal

Lord of San Simeon - Family of Elephant Seals

Twilight Family of Elephant Seals San Simeon
Baby Seal 1 Baby Seal 2 Lord of San Simeon Twilight San Simeon
Nap Time. Elephant Seals  


Sea Horse - Re: NOAA
Naptime     Seahorse